Whilst we are working on our forthcoming site and platform we have been in talks with various companies and community members, about the education aspect of the Cryptocurrency world and how best to build, present and support this.

We have decided that upon initial introduction to the world of Crypto-currencies, most people need to have a single, short and sharp guide, detailing, but not confusing the different aspects and elements of what Crypto-currencies are, their usage, history and values.  This along with a brief explanation of what is expected of the Blockchain and Crypto-currencies in the future.

With the above in mind, we have created the ‘Introduction to Cryptocurrency Guide’, which can now be downloaded from our new web domain, here.

Just enter your email into the pop-up to get the guide downloaded directly.  (Don’t worry we promise not to send you any unwanted emails!)

The guide is in PDF format, and readable on any device with a PDF Reader installed.

Please feel free to ask questions/make suggestions on the guide.

Thanks again and may the #FutureFinance force be with you! 😉


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