What’s going on with Bitcoin drop?

With the recent rise in interest and press coverage on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, a lot of people have invested a lot of money, many have gained, many have lost.

However, one question that people are asking over the past few days is, why has Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped in price?

Although many, including our team at BTC Bros have different views on why this could be, there are also many evident reasons as to why.

Below are two very interesting theories that we have come across on some of our favourite YouTube channels, whilst scanning the net this evening.

We found this one on Bitcoin TV. The original post was made by, tinkertiger2012, on his channel.  Shout out to him for this news and analysis!!

This one is from our good old friend Trevon James.  Much love to him for this one also.

We searched a little more on each of these theories and found there to be quite a lot of talk about both online.  These theories are not only interesting, but if true certainly proof of how decentralization of the currency system affects the ‘elite’ on a whole.

So, what do you think?

Do you have a theory for the current market trends?

Did you sell or hold?

Are you buying more?

Whatever your reasons and choices, remember fellow Cyrptopians…ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

Just to make our position clear…I think we’ll hodl! XD


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