Hello again Cryptopians,
As we enter into the summer shortly, we thought we’d update you with how things have been progressing.
So much is happening in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industries, with technology constantly improving, new concepts being revealed, events, launch parties and the attention of newcomer investors and enthusiasts alike.
During this time we’ve been continuing our research into all areas of the industries, including education.  We continue to work hard on the elements of our services, platform, projects and development team.
Although we are a small team, we thank our community for their patience, input and also the many connections we have made whilst being part of these industries.  We are working on a lot and we really appreciate the support, inspiration and encouragement we have received throughout every step.
We will soon publish our roadmap for the remainder of 2018, leading to 2019, showing our list of achievements and progress tasks.  Keep an eye out for updates!
If your a regular visitor or member of our community,  have a look at some of the recent updates below.  If this is your first visit to this blog, welcome!

Who we are and what we do.

We are a UK based Blockchain and Cryptocurrency consultancy, education and development company.
We offer services to both individual and business clients.




To build a free and trust-less education ecosystem, where hard work is not only rewarded by results, but also finance.
We want to help to facilitate the learning process and also create a route to education for everyone, regardless of race, creed, sexuality, financial position or social standing. The advent of modern technology means that it’s now possible for anyone anywhere to have access to education, we want to make sure that everyone does…after all knowledge is power, learning is constant and knowledge is infinite.
To create a Blockchain powered education platform and ecosystem, alongside building partnerships with education providers both big and small, to help record and reward learning achievements of all kinds.
We aim to provide students with greater access to vocational, further and higher education programs which benefit from distance learning structures. We want to provide students with a wealth of learning experiences, both in the UK & Internationally.
We want to reward students for their hard work and facilitate a continuous learning cycle, whilst reducing any financial burden that may come along with their study.
BTC Bros. was formed in 2016, with a mission to research, study and educate people across the world on the uses and implementations of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
Since then we have conducted 1000’s of hours of research, built a growing and strong social media presence, created simple guides for anyone to learn about the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency, reviewed and advised many ICO’s, helped people to find direction within the industry, met with many industry executives, advocates, IT specialists and more, along with expanding our content to cover traditional educational content.
In 2018 we are currently working on the development of our blockchain education platform.


The idea and vision of a Blockchain Education system was a concept first thought of by the company founders back in 2015, following 2 years of study into Bitcoin and the Blockchain. is part of that vision and as of June 2017, the platform has been and is under development.
An e-learning web platform, being developed with IOT, Web 3.0 and Blockchain in mind.
The platform is being designed to incorporate the interoperability of current e-learning platforms and many theory based education studies.
Why so long?
Education is such a vast and eternal field and squeezing ‘everything’ into one platform is not easy. That’s why we are not trying to include ‘everything’, rather ‘everyone’.
Sure, there are other e-learning platforms out there, all with different styles of teaching, intuitive interfaces, wonderful features and more. We do not aim to change this, but instead to disrupt and improve many of the current processes within education, employment and finance. This will be possible through our platform and upcoming blockchain project… A.C.E

A.C.E Project
We want people to really be valued for their work and education, along with inspiring everyone to further value their education.
We are a small company with a growing team and community, which we are constantly taking feedback from.
The platform is a major part of the ecosystem we are currently working on.
Find out more here:
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Contact us here.


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