The BTCBros group was formed in late 2016 by a small group of tech savvy, entrepreneurial thinkers, in the UK. Since then the group has grown and has a number of members in the UK and globally.

The main purpose of the group is to research, learn, and educate on Crypto-currencies, or ‘Digital Currrencies’ as they are also well known by. We will also talk about how to buy/earn these currencies, which will inevitably become the currencies of the future!

The most well-known of these currencies is Bitcoin (BTC). Find out more about Bitcoin (BTC) here.

The kind of things, we research and what you can expect to learn about Crypto-currencies here are: What are Crypto-Currencies?, What Crypto-currencies are there?, ‘Banking’ or Storing Crypto (Wallets), Buying Crypto (Investing), Earning Crypto (Faucets), Trading Crypto and much more…

Feel free to join us and the rest of the worlds Crypto-currency advocates on a path to a digital finance future!