Currently active and past ICO reviews.

Below, we provide information and short reviews of some interesting current and past ICO’s.

Disclaimer:  We do not advise on which ICO to invest in.  Instead we provide a short personal understanding, along with basic information of each.  ALWAYS conduct you own research before contributing or making any type of investment.  If you need advice on investments always consult a professional.  Unless otherwise stated, BTC Bros and, or its employees are not associated to any of these companies in any way.



Blockpass Screenshot

Start Date: 31/05/2018 End Date: 30/11/2018 (Stage 1)

Token/Coin:  PASS

Token Supply:  1,000,000,000 (40% Distributed to contributors-400,000,000)

Contribute with:  Various (TBC)

Active Bounty: Yes

Base:  Ethereum (ERC-20)

One of the most exciting projects we’ve covered to date, with a driven and public friendly team, innovative ideas and strong connections, Blockpass is, “A Self-Sovereign Identity Solution”.  The Blockpass dapp “…allows users to establish (verify), store, and manage identities.”  The idea is that the identities are stored in a decentralized manner and used for compliance purposes, without centralized storage of user personal data.  This gives control to the access of personal data to the end user ONLY and how it works is pretty cool to say the least.

An excerpt from their whitepaper describes their application as;

“A self-sovereign identity application is a platform where users can establish, store, and manage identities whilst maintaining full control over all data involved. Data collected to establish a self-sovereign identity is not stored on any central server. Instead, the data is passed to the verifier (be it a machine or a human) to view only for so long as is required to create the identity. When the verification is completed, the data is sent back to the user’s own personal device.
Blockpass in its first release creates user-centric identities, integrating a KYC procedure that involves data deletion at each step of verification, and that allows data to only be stored on the user’s personal device.  Blockpass identities can be authenticated because a hash version of the identity is stored on the blockchain, for comparison with the data stored on the user’s device.”

 Now, along with the recent news on regulation within the cryptocurrency industry and the UK GDPR coming into effect.  The questions you’d probably want to ask most is, ‘Is it compliant?’ and ‘Is it decentralized?’, to which the answer to both is a resounding YES!

The team over at Blockpass obviously did not just create this project yesterday and have committed years of research and work in IOT, blockchain projects, community focused projects and of course their idea of sovereign identity.  They have partnered with a few big names in the cryptosphere including Coinfirm, Infinito Wallet and Edinburgh Napier University.

We caught up with Guy DaviesUK Business Development Manager @ Blockpass, and discussed everything from local community projects to the decentralized utopia that is IoE and Web 3.0.  Guy, quickly brought us up to speed on the amount of focus and hard work that the team has put into making sure that the project meets needs on both sides of  the regtech industry, working alongside authority standards, serving the people first and keeping transparency on every level, whilst giving the user control of their own identity and personal data.

From our view it seems, the current need for systems and applications which can tackle identity fraud, data manipulation, AML, KYC, regulation and compliance as an all-in-one solution, is one of the most coveted titles in the blockchain and crypto space right now.

With the ability to complete the above whilst also being fully GDPR compliant, we think Blockpass could be a real game changer.

Contribution methods are still to be confirmed, however Blockpass has announced that various methods will be available.  This is due to the fact Blockpass tokens will be distributed via select merchants and approved distributors.  The distribution is being split into three stages, progression of the distribution is dependent on the hard cap of each being met, as follows:

Stage 1-Initial Token Distribution Event:  31/05/18 – 30/11/18
• Hardcap: 250,000,000 PASS tokens
• Softcap: 60,000,000 PASS tokens
• Retail price per PASS: 0.08 Euro
• If hardcap is not met, tokens will be added to hardcap
in the second event.
Stage 2-Second Token Distribution Event: 31/05/19 – 30/11/19
• Hardcap: 100,000,000 PASS tokens
• Locked currently
Stage 3-Third Token Distribution Event: 31/05/20 – 30/11/20
• Hardcap: 50,000,000 PASS tokens
• Locked currently
Advisor Allocation:
50,000,000 PASS tokens (unlocked 31/05/19)
Founder Allocation:
200,000,000 PASS tokens (unlocked 31/05/21)
Further allocations of PASS tokens will also be made available via mining/bounty as follows:
Identity Mining:
180,000,000 PASS tokens
Blockpass approved merchants can reverify Blockpass approved
identities and Blockpass IDN will purchase the identity certificate
in exchange for PASS tokens.
Grants for Identity Startups and Research:
40,000,000 PASS tokens
90,000,000 PASS tokens
Treasury and Market Making:
40,000,000 PASS tokens


After speaking with the team and attending their launch event, we are confident the distribution event should well, with just over 24 hours until the start of the sale, excited is an understatement.

Native Video Box


Native Video Box.png

Start Date: 01/12/2017 End Date: 28/02/2018

Token/Coin:  NVB Token (NVB)

Token Supply:  22,975,000 (80% distributed to contributors-8,380,000)

Contribute with:  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Z Cash, Ethereum Classic, USD

Active Bounty: Yes (Referrals also)

Base:  Ethereum (ERC-20)

We came across this wonderful project flying under the radar at the last Blockchain Summit event in London. NVB, short for Native Video Box, is a decentralized video distribution platform, aiming to disrupt the current video advertising space. They’re idea is to combat ad fraud, content creation fund distribution and cut the middleman costs associated with online and TV advertising.

The platform is aimed at advertisers, publishers and content creators.   The tokenization of distributed revenue shares, allows for the transparency and accuracy of shares, between the website, the creator and NVB. This is said to be achieved, through the use of smart contracts to verify, creator, publisher, placement, impressions and clicks, among other meta data and statistics.

Their website and whitepaper quite clearly explains their concept and explores the facts and figures behind the current video advertising industry. It outlines that using the NVB platform, makes it easier for involved parties to receive their revenue shares, without the need for complex paperwork, high commissions, or currency conversion, with the NVB token being the native currency on the platform.


The platform also aims to reward participants on the platform, albeit this is not explained in depth.

NVB seem to have also outlined the successive factors of the video advertising space, along side a clear understanding of their competition, whilst addressing the current and future technological facts of the industry. One of the best parts of the whitepaper is NVB’s understanding of the technical implementations of the project, as it clearly defines what current and future codec’s, protocols and languages they need to research and integrate to get the job done.

When we met some of their team, they clearly understood the crypto space, their position in it and their objectives. We spent some time at their stand discussing the benefits that they could bring to the current industry through the decentralization of it and the tokenization of payments, within the industry.

The NVB token sale offers rewards to early investors, by means of token discount and referral.

We can say for sure that, this is one project we have warmed to and we believe could become a major player in the video advertising space…so watch it!



The Key

Start Date: TBA (Expected Feb 1st 2018) End Date: TBA (Expected 28th Feb 2018)

Token/Coin:  TKY

Token Supply:  TBA

Contribute with:  NEO

Active Bounty: TBA

Base:  NEO

What can we say about The KEY project?

How about starting of with it being one of the first tokens and blockchains, built on China’s NEO platform.

The KEY, as their website states is aimed at being an “IDV solution for the Internet via BDMI technology.” And, just in case you were wondering… “BDMI stands for “Blockchain based Dynamic Multi-Dimension Identification” technology.”

The KEY project website also boasts 15 accepted national patent applications. A first gen, working solution, used for social insurance, on trial in two cities, with 41 listed for trial.   Labs set up with government agencies, banks, insurance companies and a university, among other ‘big data’ related processes and achievements.

This being said, one thing that we wonder about the KEY project is if they are heading for full decentralization, as we already know that having the mentioned companies and authorities involved could lead to a fully centralized solution in the future.

On the investment side the KEY ICO may be a big player in the future of how China run the health, insurance and social care programs of the future. The project highlights the data of 210 million citizens across 66 countries, which can be processed in real time, which would mean that they have definitely looked at big infrastructure. Since NEO’s launch and the controversy over Cryptocurrencies and ICO’s in China, it seems that the Chinese government have had their hand in many new infrastructure based projects.

NEO is often dubbed the ‘Chinese Ethereum’, albeit government has not officially announced this. NEO uses bookkeeping nodes to maintain its ecosystem and the client wallet produces gas as dividends. The system can be built upon using side chains and smart contracts, similar to Ethereum. This allows for creation of tokens and ICO’s. The platform is due for many project releases in 2018 and beyond, so many of the Chinese ICO projects will be interesting to say the least.

Unfortunately, getting in on the pre-sale for this one is long gone and it could be worth noting that they are requesting that you are an ‘accredited investor’ in your jurisdiction, before you make a contribution.

Taking all of the above into consideration, it seems that the KEY project may be in for a nice start and also a position of longevity in the cryptosphere. Still the topic of centralized, decentralization may be something for you to think about before investing.

Crowd Coinage


Crowd Coinage

Start Date: 22/01/2018 (Pre-Sale 15/01/2018) End Date: 12/03/2018

Token/Coin:  CCOS

Token Supply:  478,571,428 (80% distributed in crowdsale 239,285,714)

Contribute with:  BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, EUR, PayPal

Active Bounty: YES

Base:  Ethereum (ERC-20)

Operating system, financial eco system and ICO platform in one, not to mention “deep” e-residency integration, with the Estonian e-business and residency structure.

There are a few ICO launch platforms available across the Internet, with even fewer claiming to be approved by governments. Crowd Coinage may be indifferent to the majority of these, as being tied to the Estonian e-infrastructure is not necessarily a bad thing. Estonia has been a tech focused and leading country for some 14+ years, as we learned when meeting former Estonian Prime minister. After all Estonia is home to one of the biggest voip platforms in the world, Skype. The company itself is based in Tallin, Estonia, so, we can say for they are sure to have some kind of government compliance in place and regulation is unlikely to propose any threat to the company, provided they are compliant.

The platform itself is an operating system, on which users can build and manage their ICO campaigns, along with the means to hire for their teams. Crowd Coinage have a platform demo, which can be accessed via their main website.


Ethereum is the contribution currency of choice during the pre-ICO, although the startup has plans to accept many forms of Cryptocurrency and FIAT payment methods in the near future, whether or not this will be in the main crowdsale is to be confirmed.

Further plans include the integration of banking, insurance and debit cards, during Q4 2019.

The fact that this ICO has linked itself to the Estonian “anywhere in the world” e-residency and registration structure, means the team behind Crowd Coinage have one with a very long and sustainable business model upon which to base their operations. If successful, the company may become a major player in the cryptosphere and for the country.

The CCOS tokens created by the team can be used either as a platform token, or as a currency, tradable on crypto exchanges. It must be noted also that the tokens are locked in for 6 months, following the ICO. This means that a pump and dump of the coin is highly unlikely and allows for value appreciation of the tokens.

Crowd Coinage all together shapes up to be a well-rounded project. You can check their whitepaper here, for more detail.




Start Date: TBA (Pre-Sale Registration Open) End Date: TBA

Token/Coin:  OCOIN

Token Supply:  10,000,000,000 (40% available for distribution)

Contribute with:  ETH

Base:  Ethereum (ERC-20)

Odyssey is another very interesting project we happened to come across, whilst compiling our list of ICO’s.

The vision behind Odyssey is to create a fully decentralized peer-to-peer, credit/trust based protocol and market place. This is to be achieved through smart contracts and tokenization. The project aims to be autonomous and fully scalable, with full anonymity for users, in a peer-to-peer ecosystem.

There has been a little buzz around this project recently with Tronix founder Justin Sun tweeting to say the projects founder is a “good friend”. It’s been said that Tronix’s “Odyssey” phase of their road map, will be an integration of Ocoin and its protocol on their Blockchain.


The Odyssey whitepaper explains the above in much detail, with the main focus being data privacy and security, leading onto building into a fully decentralized platform and ecosystem. The paper highlights the “sharing economy” and promotes a message of sharing rights and freedom throughout.


The whitepaper also explains the various community and contributor roles that can be assigned and attained within Odyssey’s ecosystem. Community operators, service providers, developers and miners are all accounted for within the system. The protocol design is said to be unique, however with no current mvp, this remains to be seen.

The only thing that slightly put us off with this one is the use of a pyramid diagram to layout how the credits and reward system works, albeit far from a referral based construct. There are also many of the ICO related disclaimers on the sign up page, however some may view this as normal in the current ICO space.

We would like to hear more about Odyssey, as the projects peaks many technological interests, alongside the aforementioned the platform is set to feature multi-DAPP integration and more.   We’ll be watching.




Start Date: 21/09/2017  End Date: 12/10/2017

Token/Coin:  TIES (TIE)

Token Supply:  200,000,000 (70% distributed to contributors, 140,000,000)

Contribute with:  Bitcoin, Ethereum

Active Bounty: Yes (Referrals also)

Base:  Ethereum (ERC-20, ERC-223)

If you’re reading this then the chances are that you consider yourself tech savvy, no?!  Well at least computer literate, I’m sure?!

If that is the case then we’re guessing you either work in a field that involves computer use, you are a freelancer,  a tech head at heart, or maybe working in tech is your dream?!

Ties is a network and Cryptocurrency made to help with just that.

The concept behind Ties.db is to have a decentralized database, network and business/social platform of Blockchain/Crypto/Technology employers, employees and freelance contractors.  You could say, as it has been said, that Ties.db is like the Linkdin of the Crypto-sphere.

We first learned of Ties, through our friends at ICO Crowd, when we attended their London launch party earlier this year.  They had featured the project in the 0 issue of their tremendous Crypto magazine and much buzz and hype around the network was certainly clear speaking to some guests.  Since then we have heard a lot about Ties, both in the Crypto world and even from many newbie Crypto investors.

Based on the Ethereum Blockchain, Ties is actually a multi-layered decentralized network and database, with its own currency and network.  Reading from their website the following is explained on this:

Ties.db is run on a series of independent nodes which are able to add and remove content to/from the platform.  Strategic data use, incentives and more will be used to uphold trust in the network, without need for a central governance.

Ties.network is the name of the organisations application, which will store your funds and provide access to your public keys.  This app will be used to make connections, payments and more…

The Hyperboria Network is a mesh network using the CJDNS protocol to provide end-to-end encryption on the communication between users and nodes.

In short Ties brings social media, recruitment and business together in a similar way to Linkdin, but on a decentralized network, where contracts and payments can be made directly between involved parties.

Tokens will be redeemable on the platform and can also be sold on the crypto exchanges.

Future development of dapps pertaining to Ties are said to offer a new level of integration.  This will obviously be very useful in the recruitment sector, with the ability to have CV’s uploaded, a profile ratings system and more…

Read the whitepaper to find out more.

The Ties ICO has already begun and they’re offering a 17% bonus for early investors over the next 3 days.

Since the start of the ICO, Ties have already raised close to $6,000,000, with a total of almost 25M tokens sold.  If you work, or want to work in technology in the future then this may be right up your street…




Start Date: 12/09/2017  End Date: 12/10/2017

Token/Coin:  RYZ (RYZ)

Token Supply:  321,000,000 (93.9% distributed to contributors, 300,000,000)

Contribute with:  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Waves

Active Bounty: Yes (Referrals also. Use our Invitation code for a little extra: 6b46f7)

Base:  Anryze SST (Waves)

Ever think about getting paid for talking? Maybe your good at speaking, but not so good at writing?  What if you got paid while you transcribed your next blog, essay or bestseller?

Well, that may just be the thing, not only do Anryze introduce a new currency, but a new technology and Blockchain also.  These qualities are usually associated with a successful ICO, due to a clear market being identified.  If widely adopted, a project like Anryze could be the leader in it’s field of tech.

Now, before we get talking, it may be worth it to mention that the Anryze voice recognition software was tested against some of the world’s leading voice recognition software’s.  To be exact MS Azure, IBM’s Watson and Google’s voice tech were all given a pretty good run for their money, with IBM’s Watson beating all, in every test and Anryze beating out the other two in most scenarios.

The software itself is very accurate and they even provide a demo to test on their site.  We decided we’d try a strenuous one…so we uploaded a rap vocal and to our surprise it worked like magic.  The software managed to translate every word of Skee Lo’s I Wish to perfection, including the ad libs!!  You can guess that after this we were pretty impressed.  Maybe we’ll try a Busta Rhymes, or Twista vocal to really push it…

Reading the whitepaper, it’s clear to see that the team have put a lot of time, effort and research into the project.  They clearly identify their target market and probable competitors, whilst showing the inner workings of their Blockchain and eco system.

For us, Anryze is a fantastic concept, backed by a very real technology and market.  If your looking to invest in an ICO, that has a project with real long term prospects, then this is surely one to check out.

Pay Pie


Pay Pie.PNG

Start Date: TBA (Pre Sale: 21/09/2017)  End Date:  TBA (Pre Sale: 15/10/2017)

Token/Coin:  Pay Pie (PPP)

Token Supply:  165,000,000 (50% distributed to contributors, 82,500,000)

Contribute with: Ethereum

Active Bounty: Yes

Base:  Ethereum (ERC-20)

Blockchain Accounting and Credit Risk assessment anyone?

Regulation of Cryptocurrencies is generally frowned on within the Crypto-communities and projects like this can walk a thin line on regulation.  However, we’re not quite sure if having credit risk assessment on the Blockchain is in anyway a bad thing.  I mean take for example the fact that these kind of measures can further prevent fraud and also enable businesses to accept people for “Crypto-credit”.  Even further to this, it may make funding future business a much more transparent process.  Potential investors and financial institutions will be able to see just how worthy a business is of funding and if the owners are in fact reliable.

Pay Pie have a really interesting concept, even though there are a few similar Ideas floating around and with a limited amount of tokens minted, the value of their token can be much more susceptible to a rise in the future. However…

In essence the tokens will be used on the Pay Pie platform as a utility token, enabling a holder to buy, sell, and transfer contracts, invoices and more…

The whitepaper explicitly details the use of the token:-

“PPP Tokens carry no rights other than the right to exchange tokens and access services on the PayPie platform. PPP Tokens do not stand for or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, or any other form of participation relating to the PayPie or PayPie Platform. As activities are carried out on the platform, PPP Tokens are transferred directly from one participant to another.”

The PPP token is something we like at concept, but need to take a slightly closer look at.  We only started really digging in a day before they sent us they pre-sale invitation.

The minimum contribution for the pre-sale is 0.5 ETH, which is average for any serious investor.

Once the pre sale is over, a new date will be published for the ICO, which we predict will be soon after.

To get more info, head over to their website above and check the project out!




Start Date:  02/11/2017  End Date:  09/11/2017

Token/Coin:  UTRUST (UTRUST)

Token Supply:  1,000,000,000 (70% distributed in crowdsale, 700,000,000)

Contribute with:  Bitcoin, Ethereum

Active Bounty:  Yes

Base:  Ethereum (ERC-20)

Well, I don’t think  a lot needs to be said about this concept.. I mean, the sites opening statement seems to sum this one up perfectly, as follows:-

“UTRUST is a revolutionary payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with cryptocurrencies while providing a groundbreaking purchase protection mechanism.”

When we came across UTRUST and saw their vision, it beggared us to sigh with relief, as I mean, who does not want to see the features of BitPay and PayPal all wrapped into one service and application, right?!

Upon reading the whitepaper, it is very apparent that UTRUST are heading for being just that.  To bridge the gap between FIAT and Crypto payments is an issue that is always being attempted in the Crypto communities and if UTRUST manage to pull it off with the online merchants, currency conversion tools, ease of use and the rest of what they have outlined, then they could very well be key players in the mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies in general.

The list of features seems almost heaven sent, with multi-currency support, No Chargebacks and Customer Payment protection being part of the package, there is no question that if successful, UTRUST can become a household name…and we haven’t even mentioned the planned integration of their API’s!

The token is based on the Ethereum platform and minimum contributions start at 0.2 ETH, or 0.02 BTC.

Their August pre-sale did remarkably well and their Bitcointalk thread is buzzing with excitement over the project.

This is one that we are itching to get involved with.  Head over to their website for more…




Start Date:  15/09/2017  End Date: 15/10/2017

Token/Coin: KEX (KEX)

Token Supply:  10M (8,500,000 distributed in crowdsale)

Contribute with:  Bitcoin

Active Bounty: No

Base:  Bitshares (BTS)

Property backed and with Bitshares as a base, we were particularly fond of Kexcoin and the concept behind it.  Kexcoin, is an asset based token used to invest in the acquisition of property and also in the future rent payments for property residents.  This seems as though it could provide its own low cost, self sufficient, affordable housing eco-system  and most notable of all providing student accommodation at a low cost for tenants, with low maintenance costs and good ROI for the Kex company and KEX holders alike.

Due to KEX being on the Bitshares base, the token issuance will take immediate effect upon the ICO launch.  The coin can be bought and sold directly on the decentralized exchange Open Ledger.

The team behind KEX is strong, with Cryptoversity founder Chris Coney being Chief Technical Officer and heading up as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency expert.

The main challenge here is that, for this to become more than just a business investment, using Crypto as a means of fundraising, there needs to be intuitive ways to use KEX as a payment method and system.  This can then become a full fledged Cryptocurrency with a strong market and user base behind it.  The head of the project Simon Lee, Kexgill Group has confirmed that this is within their planning.

Their support is also very down to earth and helpful, with quick responses on both Bitcoin Talk and Telegram.

They have said there will be competitions for students and incentives for those students to participate in the soon to open ICO.

Check out their whitepaper to see what they have to offer.

Tap Coin



Start Date:  TBA (Q4 2017)  End Date: 

Token/Coin: Tap (TTT)

Token Supply:  1.5B (750,000,000 distributed in crowdsale)

Contribute with:  Ethereum

Active Bounty: Yes

Base:  Ethereum (ERC20)

The concept of Tap coin is a very cool one indeed, as  the concept is in fact a cryptocurrency for the gaming industry.  The idea is that gamers not only benefit from playing particular games which support the coins, but also that the coins are transferable between games!  I mean who doesn’t want to earn money, whilst they rack up points on Temple Run?, or cash for playing Candy Crush?!  Just think about the kill streaks on Call of Duty earning you points you can spend in Battlefield!!

The community for Tap coin is growing quickly and is full of friendly people and vibes.  Their devs are very responsive and friendly.  Although many people make a fuss about seeing the guys behind a project, the teams 8-bit caricatures are brilliant!  Their Telegram group is also definitely starting to bubble with the devs always being present to answer questions and lots of support from gamers, translators, crypto-enthusiasts, investors, techies and more.

The whitepaper clearly explains and outlines their targets, current stage of operation, calculations and technical detail.  The coin is not currently rolled out on a beta, but this is certainly one to watch for us.  Head over to their site link above and drop them your email for updates, then…go brush up on your gaming skills!!




Start Date: 1/10/2017  End Date: TBC (WCX Exchange Launches 10/10/2017)

Token/Coin:  WCX (WCXT)

Token Supply:  TBC (70% distributed to contributors)

Contribute with:  Bitcoin, Ethereum

Active Bounty: Yes (Referral scheme available)

Base:  Ethereum (ERC20)

The concept behind WCX is to be the worlds largest digital currency exchange.  This statement is something we Cryptopians have heard before, but what makes WCX different?  I mean there’s so many other exchanges already out there claiming to be the largest, biggest, baddest etc…  Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken anyone?!

WCX is shaping up to be the best of the best of the digital exchanges by offering a unique and easy to use multi-lingual interface, a large trading volume across many currency pairs and most notably a speed of “1 million Transactions per second” (WCX Whitepaper) amongst other things.

Using the WCX site and reading the whitepaper felt good, the design was smooth and basic.  It didn’t feel as though they were trying to sell you with bells and whistles, just facts.

They state that they make a return buy issuing a 0.1% fee on trade transactions.  So, low fees for customers and they also put a large emphasis on customer support, with the latter probably being more of importance.  I mean, we wouldn’t want them to have to remove the troll-box now would we?! 😉

With WCX also claiming to support over 20 languages, people from all over the world could be able to use the platform with ease.  The fact that they also offer multilevel security with wallet cold storage and easy API’s make them an all round winner!  To make it better they have a beta program, which we have signed up for…guess we feel a further feature coming!

They are taking contributions in Bitcoin and Ethereum only, plus they give you 50 WCXT free, when you sign up.  Too good to be true, maybe…check it out for yourself and maybe we’ll see you on the other side!!

Bit Dice


Start Date: 15/08/2017  End Date: 15/09/2017

Token/Coin:  CSNO (CSNO)

Token Supply:  100,000,000 (70% distributed to contributors)

Contribute with:  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin DOGE, IOTA

Active Bounty: Yes

Base:  Ethereum (ERC-223)

If you’ve gambled a bit of Crypto before, then you must have heard of Bit Dice, no?!  Well, seeing as they’ve been around since 2014 and are a well established Crypto Casino, we think this ICO speaks volumes in the casino’s current and potential growth.

If you’ve ever used Bit Dice, you’ll be used to the way they currently operate and they are hoping to improve their service and UI following the crowd sale.  This is not just a fly-by-night ICO.  Bit Dice state that they are distributing a 70% return from their site profits every quarter, which makes a nice investment for long term CSNO token holders.

The ICO started on 1st August 2017 and ends on 15th September 2017.  The CSNO tokens will be able to be traded on open exchanges and transferable also.  Further to this CSNO tokens will also be fully functional on the site to actually place bets and more…

Bit Dice are accepting many forms of contribution allowing for a wider audience of contributor to get involved.  The bounty is strict and requirements must be adhered to, with a 2% share of tokens to those who make the cut, so we wont be looking at loads of bounty collectors dumping on day 1.

Good talk and community support also on their Bitcointalk thread.

The prospects for CSNO are certainly looking good, after reading the whitepaper all we can say is…slots anyone?!


We hope you enjoyed reading our ICO run down.  We’ll be back in two weeks with another!!  In the meantime, please Like, Share and Comment.  All feedback is appreciated!

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