In-Depth ICO 001: KEX COIN (Medium)

We're now on Medium!! Just in case you missed it, we started a new bi-weekly series to accompany our ICO reviews, titled 'In-Depth ICO'. The series will be posted on our Medium, to follow up our bi-weekly round up of interesting ICO's.

So you’ve heard of ICO’s, but what are they?

Whether you've recently taken interest in Bitcoin or Alt coins and Cryptocurrency, or you're a legacy supporter of the Blockchain and Crypto, by know I'm sure you've heard the term 'ICO', or 'crowd sale' being thrown about in recent times. No?!

What’s going on with Bitcoin drop?

With the recent rise in interest and press coverage on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, a lot of people have invested a lot of money, many have gained, many have lost. However, one question that people are asking over the past few days is, why has Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped in price?