Blockchain x Media — swipe right for success

Each industry is slowly being turned inside out, ruptured from the inside, caved in to make way for a fresher, creamier, filling. What’s the key motivator, driven deep within the core? Innovation — a desire to solve problems...


Facebook bans all ads for Bitcoin, ICOs, and other cryptocurrencies. What does this mean for IOTA?

‘Censorship!’ I hear you cry. I’m sure you’re shaking your head in disbelief: how could I question that this is censorship?...

Know Your ICO – ICO Crowd Releases Issue #2 Of It’s Popular Disruptive Magazine

they've been called everything from "the ONLY ICO magazine you need", to the "...Crypto Investors Handbook..." - @CryptopreneurUK (Twitter), but the guys at ICO Crowd, a UK based, on-line and hard copy "disruptive" investors magazine, seem to be living up to those titles.

In-Depth ICO 001: KEX COIN (Medium)

We're now on Medium!! Just in case you missed it, we started a new bi-weekly series to accompany our ICO reviews, titled 'In-Depth ICO'. The series will be posted on our Medium, to follow up our bi-weekly round up of interesting ICO's.

So you’ve heard of ICO’s, but what are they?

Whether you've recently taken interest in Bitcoin or Alt coins and Cryptocurrency, or you're a legacy supporter of the Blockchain and Crypto, by know I'm sure you've heard the term 'ICO', or 'crowd sale' being thrown about in recent times. No?!