Happy New Year 2018!

Just a New Year greetings to our readers and all fellow cryptopians!...During 2017, we started our community, our blog and continued our research...

Tap In, Cash Out – True Blockchain Gaming? (Developer Interview)

The Tap project is a Blockchain based, transferable, in-game Cryptocurrency that aims to decentralize the gaming industry and provide gamers the ultimate control of in-game content and currency...

Know Your ICO – ICO Crowd Releases Issue #2 Of It’s Popular Disruptive Magazine

they've been called everything from "the ONLY ICO magazine you need", to the "...Crypto Investors Handbook..." - @CryptopreneurUK (Twitter), but the guys at ICO Crowd, a UK based, on-line and hard copy "disruptive" investors magazine, seem to be living up to those titles.

So you’ve heard of ICO’s, but what are they?

Whether you've recently taken interest in Bitcoin or Alt coins and Cryptocurrency, or you're a legacy supporter of the Blockchain and Crypto, by know I'm sure you've heard the term 'ICO', or 'crowd sale' being thrown about in recent times. No?!